森田春菜 磁器作品 "Aging"/ HARUNA MORITA ceramic object "Aging"

33,000 円(税込)

- 磁器立体/ Aging -
作品は高温で本焼きをした後、銀彩の上絵付けをしています。 “銀”は光や酸素と反応し化学変化が起こります。はじめの白っぽい銀色はだんだんと黄変し、時が経つにつれてさらに色合いが深まっていきます。

- Porcelain work “Aging” -
This work is made by stacking the thin porcelain pieces that are put together with the slurry of porcelain to Japanese paper pieces.
As the porcelain dries,and water falls out,they shrink and harden,and shape appears.
By firing them in a kiln,the Japanese paper is burnt and becomes ash,but the porcelain stays,copying the form of the Japanese paper.
 After firing at a high temperature,the work is glazed with silver.
The silver glaze is caused by a color change due to sunlight and a chemical reaction with oxygen. The whitish silver from the beginning turns yellow little by little,and the hue deepens more over time.
You can experience the joy of watching this work color change into something new.